Nejam Properties History

A Historical Figure in the Belhaven area

Nejam Properties began as the ambition of one man with the acquisition of one corner lot and the construction of 970 Morningside Street forty+ years ago.

Jackson’s population was 10,000 when Waddell Nejam’s family first came to Jackson in 1896. Because of his roots in the Jackson area are so deep, he decided to build and develop in the Greater Belhaven area. He chose the Belhaven area because it was close to Baptist Hospital, St. Dominics, and University Medical Center, Downtown Jackson, Belhaven College, Mississippi College School of Law, Millsaps College, and neighboring Jackson State. Mr. Nejam invested both his time and resources in the neighborhood and made a commitment not to abandon his city. Unlike some developers and other management companies, Nejam Properties owns and acquires property solely in the Belhaven and Fondren neighborhoods.

Over time Nejam Properties saw the growth and revitalization of the Belhaven and Belhaven Heights area as Mr. Nejam and others created the Greater Belhaven Foundation, a not for profit foundation created to protect the historical value and qualities of the Belhaven area.

Nejam Properties is committed to the historic preservation of the properties that it maintains and looks to complementing the neighborhood through the property it has constructed. One of Nejam Properties larger developments, 907 Morningside, sits at the intersection of Morningside Street and Jefferson Street and is home to the original location of Belhaven College founded in 1894 which spanned the area from the current day Morningside Street to Bellevue Street. The goal of maintaining historic property in this area was chief among the goal of maintaining all the property along Morningside Street, and although it took 30 years Nejam Properties now holds all the property located along Morningside.

Nejam Properties is proud of it role in revitalizing the Belhaven area and looks forward to many years of growth and historic development.